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Assalamu Alaykum,

Mark this in your diaries: March 23rd (Saturday) at 8.30pm!

What is so important about this date I hear you ask. Well, on that particular date and time, it will be ‘Earth Hour‘. In this hour, people around the world turn off their electricity use for ONE hour (those that support Earth Hour).

Support this cause to help raise energy awareness and ultimately create a greener, cleaner and more sustainable city to live in!

Here at Al Siraat, we will be getting involved (during school hours) by promoting energy conservation and sharing tips for a positive change!

Math Activities

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Below are some useful links for even more Math Practice!

learning For Kids

IXL Math Practice


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Get onto the website below (click the image) for your afterschool dose of a wide range of mathematical questions covering all areas of math and skills practice!

Also log onto your student account to complete your weekly homework!

Have fun!!


Mouldy Matters

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Grade 5/6A have spent 10 days looking at mould growth in different conditions. Groups tested the conditions in which bread mould grew the best and quickest: moist or dry? warm or cold? bright or dark?

Even though our samples of mouldy bread were difficult to look at, the girls studied their samples in each lesson, taking note of appearance of the mould (colour, size, texture), sketching their sample and even taking photos of them!

Students put their pictures into the ‘PicCollage’ app on their iPads and labelled it by day and condition. These carefully constructed collages are to be placed into the appendix of their written Experiment Report! A great effort from the 5/6A girls!!

Now we all know that mould thrives in MOIST, DARK and WARM areas!! Like every living thing, growth and survival depends on specific environmental conditions.

Looks like the good old bread box just isn’t the best place to keep your loaves of bread!

Here are a few samples of student work!

Selma Appendix2 Aisha Moussa Appendix Khadijah Appendix

Protected: Spread of Infection- Hand and Respiratory Hygiene

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Kidsmomo Book Review Podcast- By Kidsmomo

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Circle of Viewpoints

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Circle of Viewpoints

1. I am thinking of … the topic… From the point of view of … the viewpoint you’ve chosen

2. I think … describe the topic from your viewpoint. Be an actor – take on the character of your viewpoint

3. A question I have from this viewpoint is … ask a question from this viewpoint

Claim Support Question

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Claim Support Question

1. Make a claim about the topic

2. Identify support for your claim

3. Ask a question related to your claim

What makes you say that?

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What Makes You Say That?

1. What’s going on?

2. What do you see that makes you say that?

Scientific Discovery

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See Think Wonder

1. What do you see?

2. What do you think is going on?

3. What does it make you wonder?