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Visual Stimuli- Earthquakes

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Part 1:

Watch the video below and answer the three questions in a comment. (give this comment the title: ‘Part 1’) 


See Think Wonder

1. What do you see?

2. What do you think is going on?

3. What does it make you wonder?

Part 2:

Now watch this second video and answer the three questions below in a comment (give this comment the title: ‘Part 2’) 


Connect – Extend – Challenge

1. How are the ideas and information presented connected to what you already knew?

2. What new ideas did you get that extended or pushed your thinking in new directions?

3. What is still challenging or confusing for you to get your mind around? What questions, wonderings or puzzles do you now have?

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  1. Dhamirah Zahra Azni

    Part 1

    1. I see people are in panic because everything is shaking.
    2. I think there is an earthquake happening in the video.
    3. If people is still alive or if they died or if they got stuck in a fallen building which collapsed on the people.

  2. Part 2

    1. It helped me to understand more in details about earthquakes.
    2. A tsunami is similar to an earthquake because the rocks on the bottom of the sea began to shake and vibrate so if an island is near by, the water will make them drown and get hurt badly just like an earthquake.
    3. I want to know more information about earthquakes and why does it make the floor shake. I wonder if it will hit all the countries in the world and people will start to get extinct?

  3. It did not let me to watch the first video….

  4. Neimat, there is no correct or incorrect answer with this particular task. It is basically meant to ‘visualise’ your thinking. Everyone will have different ideas and thoughts, naturally. Don’t be tempted to write something similar to Dhamirah’s response.

  5. 1. I seen people running away and I see the ground shaking.
    2. I think there is a earthquake going on.
    3. how do earthquake happen and why do they happen.

    • Yes, definitely some big shakes- some more stronger than others. Looks very scary doesn’t it? We will see how and why the occur very soon..

    • 1. it helped me understand more about earthquakes and how they look like after.
      2. when there is a earthquake the ground shakes and it crumbles.
      3. I want to know why do earthquakes happen and why does the ground always have to
      shake and why does it cut through the ground.


  6. 1.i see people running and the ground shaking
    2.i think this was caused by another natrul disaster
    3.i wonder how many people died

  7. Thanks so much miss sime for helping me find the place to write my answers .


    1. I see buildings collapsing.
    2. An earthquake is happening.
    3. I wonder how the earthquake happened????

    1. It helped me learn more about earthquakes.
    2. Earthquakes can come in the ocean too.
    3. I want to know that how do earthquakes cause and why?????

  10. Earthquake part 1

    1. an earthquake and people running around.
    2. an earthquake is starting
    3. will everything turn out right?

  11. Earthquake part 2

    1. it is a small geografic program and it is a form of video
    2. that earthquakes are caused because the chin reactions beneath the earth.
    3. can scientists figure out when another earthquake will start/

  12. helped me understand more about earthquakes no when an earthquake is about to begin when the ground starts to shake and when the rocks start to break
    3.what causes an earthquake to begin

  13. I learnt something today

  14. Hiii Everyone it’s MEEEEE..
    -Sara k. (😝)

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