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Fun with Prepositions!

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I thought it was a really cool idea to get students to do a drawing activity, with me dictating a set on instructions to them. Of course, the instructions contained a lot of different prepositions.

“Prepositions are used before nouns to give additional information in a sentence. Usually, prepositions are used to show where something is located or when something happened.”

This is the list of instructions (prepositions in bold):

  • Open a blank page in your notebook.
  • Draw a medium sized square in the middle of the page.
  • Draw a rectangle inside the square with its shorter side touching the bottom of the square in the middle.
  • Draw two small squares inside the bigger square at the same level on the either side of the rectangle.
  • Draw a triangle on top of the square.
  • On top of the triangle draw a small flag.
  • Draw two trees beside the big square.
  • Draw a swing inbetween two branches.
  • Draw three steps below and touching the big square.
  • Under the trees draw a small pond with fish swimming.
  • Draw a few birds above the flag.
  • Draw a few mangoes hanging from the trees.
  • Draw a fence around the big trees.
  • Draw mangoes lying on the ground.
  • Draw the sun over the birds

After a bit more practice and exposure to prepositions, finally, students were asked to write down as many prepositions that they remember and now know of.

Have a look at our class ‘wordle’ for this list of words. The larger words were the most common/popular for our class!

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 6.18.59 PM

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