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What Makes You Say That?

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What Makes You Say That?

1. What’s going on?

2. What do you see that makes you say that?

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  1. 1. the koalas are lost and there home has been cut down and destroyed and the humans are taking away the habitats of this harmless animal

    2. There is only less amount of land left and the koala is lonely

  2. 1- The Koalas home has been cut down,it is lost and there is only a bit of forest left.
    2- I see bark on the floor and bark comes from trees so that means that its home has just been cut down. You can see a road that was being built and at the end of it there’s a tent.that means that houses might start being built over there. The koala looks sad and is just sitting on the floor, koalas usually stay in trees but its house has been cut down

    • That’s correct! I’m happy to see that you noticed the scarce forest at the back! Yes, the koala has been forced to adapt in a new environment. But do you think it will survive without the trees (it’s natural habitat)?

  3. 1. I see that humans have been destroying the koala’s habitat and then making houses or
    2. I see that theirs no more trees for the koala to live in that’s why his just on the floor.

  4. 1. A poor lonly koala has been taken away from its habitat and now has no food to eat and no food to drink. mKes me say that because u can see in the picture that all its home has been taken away.

  5. 1. The poor koala is in the place where it’s forest was.

    2. It makes me feel angry and sad coz u know….. Humans are soooooo mean

  6. A koala in a damp place with his home gone and left with nothing? No way! We have no right to take away animal homes! Looking at the poor lonely koala makes me feel sad for it.

  7. I really feel for this poor koala. His home has been destroyed and now he has no we’re else to live.Either his home was destroyed for more land or something even more worse. What is a poor homeless creature to do? We have no right to take another animals land in which they are already living initial really breaks my heart to see such careless people destroy an innocent animals home. No one would likes it if their home was destroyed, so I strongly believe that we should not destroy any animals home. I think that animals should have the same respect just like the respect that we have for each other.

    Khadijah kazi

  8. 1.people have destroyed animal habitats and now are using there homes for reasons that are not so agreeable and so heart breaking💔
    2.I say that because If I were a homeless person that get torcherd how about the animals cause all of then get harmed and by who :humans😕

  9. Great! Good observation Rayan!


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