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jar frog


Pro – Con – Neutral

1. Why would people be in favour of this?

2. Why would people be against it?

3. What would be a neutral position?

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  1. 1- so scientists can identify it.
    2- because sometimes animals bring diseases with them.
    3- to take them to a safer place where it can eat and no one can eat it.

  2. 1: to keep it as a pet
    2: because it’s animal cruelty
    3:capture it and look at it then let it free

  3. 1- they could capture the set it free
    2- people might leave it there for a long time then it will die
    3-The might what to admire it the put it back to were it belongs

  4. 1- because they might want to keep them as pets or take them to school for show and tell and

    2-because they don’t think that it is fair, they think that they should be left in there homes. You
    Wouldn’t like it if you were taken away from your home would you?

    3-you can observe different species of the animal and you can learn a new sources life, and if you capture it you MUST send it back to where it came from.

    By Khadijah Kazi

  5. might want as a pet
    2.because it’s not there real habitat
    3.if u capture it and then put it where u found it.

  6. 1.Because some people like scientists take these animals and study them.
    2.Maybe because some people hate the way the animals look then so they kill it or harm it.
    3.if u see a little animal and capture it u must send it back to the wild like what a good personae would have done…

  7. 1. Because they might want to keep it as a pet and take care of it or maybe founders keepers.

    2. Because it’s animal cruelty and no one wants to bee in a jar.

    3. You can use it to learn new specices like scientists, or jar it and then put it back in a better

  8. 1~ to keep the animal as a pet
    2~ because it might be animal abuse
    3~ to let it free

  9. 1. Because scientests can identify and research about it
    2. Because animals have rights same as humans
    3. If u find 1 take it bak to there nearest habitat


  10. 1.They wants to keep them as a pets.
    2.because they can die in the jar or they can have a disease. can capture them but you can sent them free when you finish with it.

  11. 1. Keep them as pets
    2. Because pets should belong to their habitats
    3. Take them and adore them then put them back


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