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Greenhouse gas emmissions

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  1. 1. It is pulloting the air
    2.because there is dark smoke ,that looks like it is a greenhouse gas
    3.why do cars pruduce greenhouse gases?

  2. 1) letiing out to much gases ( greenhouse gases)
    2) I can see gas coming out
    3) how much green house are coming out

  3. 1- The car is giving out bad fumes amd greenhouse gases
    2- There is grey and black smoke coming out
    3- How would it effect our earths atmosphere?

  4. 1-gas is polluting the air
    2-by the black smock
    3-why do gasses release from cars?

  5. 1. The car’s gases is plutting the atmosphere
    2. It ecffes the earth and inceases greenhouse gases
    3. Why do cars produce greenhouse gases?

  6. 1. This car is relicing greenhouse gasses
    2. There are lots of gasses
    3. Are there other types of gases that cars relice.

  7. 1.I think the smoke coming out from the back of the car is polluting the air.
    2.We cannot live in an polluted environment.
    3.Are greenhouse gases safe?

  8. Q1. Polluting the air
    Q2. Pollution is harmful
    Q3. How could we stop pollution from happening

  9. Aishah Arain

    1. The truck is using a lot of petrol
    2. There is a lot of smoke in the air
    3. Is the petrol poisonous to us?

  10. Tasleem Godfrey

    1.this car is letting out bad gases.
    2.there is white smoke coming out and putting green house gases. do people polloute green house gases?

  11. 1. The Car Is Polluting Green House Gases

    2. Pollution Coming Out From The Car

    3.What Effect Does Green House Gases Do?

  12. 1. There is pollution coming out the wind pipe. 2.I can ovbsorve gasses. many kinds of green house gases?

  13. 1.the car is producing too much green house gases
    2.the black air from the car is green house gases overflowing do cars produce green house gases

  14. 1. The truck is letting out a lot of smoke
    2. The air is polluted
    3. Will this affect the atmosphere around Earth

  15. 1. I see a boring classroom
    2. I think I’m getting withdrawal symptoms
    3. When will Ms Sime come back?


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