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7/8 Geography

In this unit of Geography, students have been looking at mapping skills including:

– Locating direction on a map, using compass points

– Calculating distances on a map, using scale

– Determining the measure of lines of latitude and longitude to locate regions on a map

– Locating the positions of continents of the world

– Locating the oceans of the world

– Understanding the equator and prime meridian

– Using ICT (Google Maps) to locate regions of interest in Europe


As a culminating activity, students are expected to complete the ‘Europe Project’. Here, students will select 4 cities in Europe and research about three points on interest for each city. For example, if students have chosen Istanbul (city in Turkey), they could select three possible sites of interest in that city. These would be places that they would like to visit if they were on holiday there!

To finish, students will create a poster about ONE of the four cities that they looked at. This poster needs to include:

1. A map of the city of interest

2. Pictures of the 3 points of interest

3. Descriptions about the 3 points of interest

4. Degrees of Latitude and Longitude for the city and places of interest

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