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World Map with Tectonic Plate Overlay

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Think Puzzle Explore

1. What do you think you know about this topic?

2. What questions or puzzles do you have?

3. How can you explore this topic?


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  1. 1. When the plates meet, an earthquake occurs.
    2. Why is there red arrows?
    3. I can explore this topic by going on a website that shows all the plates.

  2. 1. I think when the plates meet and earthquake happens
    2. What are the red arrows?
    3. By going on a website and look for information

  3. 1. Plates of different countries and how they look like.
    2. What are the arrow? learning about it.

  4. 1: this topic makes me think about where the earthquakes took place.
    2:what’s all today red arrows?
    3:by taking a closer look and investigating on what it’s about

  5. 1. They are the plates around the world
    2. What are the arrows for?
    3. ?

  6. Answers..
    1. I think that this is about plates.
    2.why is the plates together n not the countries??
    3. By going on internet n asking questions.

  7. 1.Plate are different in every country. do plates meet? learning all about it.

  8. 1.when the plates meet it makes an earthquake.
    2.why is there red arrows? Because it shows where the plates meet.
    3.i can explore more about plates.

    • At plate boundaries (or where they meet), earthquakes are more likely to happen. They are usually the more destructive ones as well..since we know that earthquakes happen when plates move past each other and extreme pressure causes the release of huge amounts of energy from the ground, making the ground SHAKE!!

  9. 1. I think this is about plates.
    2.why is there red arrows. learning about it.

  10. 1. What do you think you know about this topic?is that the earthquakes took places.

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  12. Papua New Guinea because the plates will meet in no time

    • Papua New Guinea is located right at the Australian-Pacific plate boundary, so YES, this is surely a location where destructive earthquakes are likely to occur.

  13. 1. I think this plates make up the earth
    2.every country has a plate every country

  14. I see a plate boundaries when they come together they shack and makes and earthquack

  15. What is confusing me is that Australia hardly has earthquacks

  16. I would find out the answers by Internet

  17. 1.earthquake causes lot of damage to the world
    1.earthquakes can make people dance

    • Remember, not all earthquakes are destructive! and it depends on where it happens. Don’t forget the Mercalli scale- this measures the damage!

  18. 1.I know that there is an indo-Australian plate.

    2.I want to know how many plates there are in total.

    3.I can explore this topic by reading books on it.

  19. 1.I know that earthquakes mostly happen on conutries that are on the edge of plates

  20. 2. I don’t have any questions

    3. You can explore this topic on the internet


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